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This program is about learning to enjoy life without the use of drugs and alcohol.  Swimming, beach, volleyball,
camping, recovery dances, convention, and more.
After all, recovery is about living, not dying!

New Beginnings house recovery program that provides affordable housing to women who are suffering from the disease of addiction. We recognize the underlying and unmet problems with alcohol and drug abuse.

New Beginnings is dedicated to the personal development of independent living with a local and peer support groups. We provide immediate care to women leaving detox and short-term treatment centers. We teach women to become productive and self-sufficient members of society. Our residents learn accountability and responsibility within our living facility.

Addiction continues to follow generations of individuals and we are here to help stop the cycle of addiction. We help women with their critical problems, combating substance abuse in our society today. New Beginnings believes that continued care in a sate, structured environment is vital for transitioning back into society where facing everyday problems won't seem so large.